Austin Texas Zoo

Located just outside of Austin in the Hill Country, the Austin Texas Zoo is home to more than 100 species of animals from around the globe. This private, not-for-profit zoo and animal sanctuary offers refuge for exotic animals that are in need. For an up-close and personal experience with some breathtaking creatures, include a trip to the Austin Texas Zoo on your itinerary.

About the Zoo

This Austin Texas Zoo began as a goat ranch, then became a rescue center for animals in need of homes and care and now is the haven for more than 300 animals of mostly of exotic species of animals. The zoo is a not-for-profit institution and relies on the donations of others to operate and care for the animals. It is visited by tens of thousands of visitors each year and has become one of the beloved landmarks of Austin.

"Austin Zoo"

Types of Animals

There are an array of exotic species of animals that call the Austin Texas Zoo home; some 100 species, to be exact. These species are categorized into groups and within each group are animals that are sure to delight you.

  • Big Cats: The big cat family has a big presence at the Austin Texas Zoo. Within this family, you will find an African Lion, a Bengal Tiger, a Cougar and a Jaguar.
  • Monkeys: There are over 200 known species of monkey in the world and there are a few of these spices on display at the Austin Texas Zoo. Here, you will find the capuchin monkey, the colobus monkey and the common marmoset.
  • Birds: Exotic birds are also on display at this zoo. The species you’ll find include peacocks, blue and gold macaws and chattering lorys.
  • Domestic Animals: Exotic species aren’t the only animals that the Austin Texas Zoo helps; this zoo is also home to many domestic animals that are in need of help. Domestic species include potbellied pigs, donkeys, longhorn bulls and llamas.

"Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary"

The Austin Texas Zoo is more than just your average zoo. The mission of this not-for-profit foundation is to save, help, rehabilitate and provide a safe haven for domestic and exotic animals. You’ll not only enjoy viewing the many animals that the zoo houses, but you’re heart will also feel uplifted knowing that you are helping the cause.

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